I’m Kathryn Green, and I create mindfully designed, ethically produced comfy clothes for rad little people. Your little people! When my first child, my son, was born, I realised just how lousy clothes for kids were. I could buy him blue or red, skulls and cross bones or dinosaurs, and the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back, the long, stiff, thick cargo pants for babies, eleven pockets included.

I believe in dressing kids like kids, not like mini adults.

I believe in gender neutral clothes, that girls can wear blue and boys can wear pink.

I believe in ethical and small production runs that limit waste, not mass produced fast fashion.

I’m passionate about what I do and don’t leave anything to chance. All of the surface designs, styles and patterns are created in house by my own two hands.
I source the softest, kid durable GOTS organic cottons I can find. I don’t use blank t-shirts bought in bulk. They are all drafted to fit just so, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement for your kids during their busy day. They are then cut, sewn and printed right here in my Cairns studio.

The Smallest Tribe is for kids. I design and make ethical, organic clothes for kids that are built for adventure. If they can run, jump, climb, throw, slide, dig, build, create, explore and imagine in it, you’ll find it here.

All my clothes are designed so your kids are crazy comfy and free to move. There’s no scratchy tags, tight elastics or itchy fabrics – only the softest organic cotton for the ultimate comfort, leaving them free to actively explore their world in style.

The Smallest Tribe is for you. The days are long, but the years are short. Time moves so quickly, silently sneaking our babies away from us and leaving toddlers, kids, teens and young adults in their place. Your kiddo is already cute and perfect enough, threads from The Smallest Tribe is just like putting icing on the already delicious cupcake. These days, we all have cameras in our pockets, in our bags and in our hands all day everyday. We have the ability to capture everyday moments and even the smallest milestones – first ice creams, first sand castles, first baby cinos – like never before.

As a mother of two, my designs are thoroughly road tested and kid-proofed before being released. I take note of fit, ease of dressing, length, and durability so you can be confident they’re wearing something that will last. And because all my clothes are all hand created you know your little person will stand out from the crowd in a unique design.

The Smallest Tribe is for us. The smallest of actions can create a better future.

I truly believe making a small change can change the world. The actions and choices we make impact someone else (often, lots of someones) and I believe it’s our collective duty to live a good and kind and mindful life that leaves a positive impact. At The Smallest Tribe this means only producing ethical and sustainable clothes.

All The Smallest Tribe clothes are designed, hand screen printed with non-toxic water based inks and handcrafted in my Cairns studio exclusively using GOTS certified organic cotton.

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification process guarantees the organic cotton I use has been milled, manufactured, treated, dyed and printed sustainably, while ensuring workers’ rights and working conditions are protected.

When you purchase from The Smallest Tribe you’re choosing an ethical product.

You’re helping farmers and factory workers who make the fabric earn a fair wage.

You’re saying no to unsafe working conditions.

You’re choosing an environmentally sustainable product.

Your small action is making a difference.

I really think you should come find me over at Instagram. It’s where I share sneak peeks, behind the scene shots and photos of your insanely cute little people wearing their Smallest Tribe threads. I also offer up one offs, the last pieces in their size or style, and first dibs on new stuff over there.

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