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  • Saguaro Dance Party Organic Cotton The Smallest Tribe

    Spring Preview – Play Shorts

    Things tend to happen slowly around here.  Partly by choice, partly because that’s just how things go.  So while I wanted to have these ready to go last week, there was some very important pattern tweaking that I wanted to get done first.  Those of you who have been around a while will remember this […]

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  • 7977330799_459055fa38_k

    Mountain Camp Tee inspiration

    They speak for themselves.  Crisp air, cold nights, hot coffee, bright days. Found here   pinned here    pinned here   pinned here   found here   See more of the inspiration behind the Mountain Camp tees here.

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  • Leggings and trackies: All about the PANTS!

    Leggings and trackies! Smallest Trackies! Or maybe you call them sweatpants. Or sweats.   Whatever you call them, this Winter, The Smallest Tribe have got your kiddos’ legs covered. LITERALLY! Maybe your little ones like tights and leggings? My littlest bug does. Or maybe they like loose and comfy? Definitely what my biggest bug prefers. […]

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